When we’re full of ourselves there’s no room for the wisdom that the universe wants to share with us. Daily activity is fueled by thought, emotion, sex, and the drive to make money. As the chakra system refines itself we not only experience profound inner silence, we no longer rely on the mind’s limited intelligence to guide our lives. We connect to a higher intelligence that’s attached to the infinite. For us to embrace this intelligence we must arrive at a place in ourselves where “less is more,” where we are detached from the past and the future, and live our lives in the moment. We discover that Genesis isn’t a magical event that took place in ancient history. It’s a living experience that takes place every moment of our lives. We discover that the universe is constantly recreating itself and that we live at its vertex. We also discover that most people are asleep, unconscious, too wrapped up in their own problems to recognize this simple reality; most people bumble about in a world that lacks consciousness.

The only thing that changes with enlightenment is our inner life. Our senses sharpen; food taste better, what we see and hear has more resonance, and the words we utter take on deeper meanings. We listen to people and discover that the art of listening enables us to engage in good conversation. When we listen to other people we learn about them and speak without condescension or fear, with trust, and with the ability to communicate. Thought and emotion don’t interfere; our tensions are at bay, we defer to life as our teacher, and let the world be.

We stand on the outside, and look in at a world that fascinates us, titillates us, even excites us, but there’s always the presence of a strange door that we’re afraid to enter, a door that leads to a playground where “normal” people have transformed themselves into the children of God, a place that looks wacko to the outsider, but a place that’s full of joy, unconditional love, and compassion, a place where everyone is invited but few dare enter. The question is, “Where is that place?” The answer: It’s not very far away from any of us. In fact, all we have to do is look inside ourselves and we’ll see God’s children living there; all we have to do is go beyond the chaos and confusion in our minds and emotions and enter a doorway to this playground; all we have to do is learn to use need, will, mind and breath to develop our chakra systems…and we’ll find a path that leads to spiritual enlightenment.