I had an important trip to Belgium and Norway where I met groups of remarkable people who were serious about their spiritual lives, people who showed profound gratitude and asked me to return to continue to teach the Kundalini meditation I learned from my spiritual master, Rudi. The retreat weekends forced me to tap an energy force deep inside myself and transmit Shakti to those in attendance. I discovered the only thing that grows old is the body. The chakra system and the internal spirit of a human being are connected to infinite energy in the universe. It resurrects itself when mind, breath, will, and need come together to develop a strong inner life and create a connection between the world we live in and spirit. We don’t have to look for the “fountain of youth” because it exists inside each and every human being. We just have to master the craft of meditation and use it to transform tension, anxiety, fear, and insecurity into life giving energies that enable us to live in the world and be free of the world at exactly the same time.