Happy people don’t terrorize other people. They look for the good in humanity and accept differences of thought and opinion. The moment we say, “My way is the only way,” we become dangerous not only to ourselves but to the rest of the humanity. We separate people into well-defined boxes. They are black, white, brown or yellow; they are Christian, Jew, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu and etc.; they are trapped within well-defined psychological and physical borders where signs are posted: “No Trespassing,” stay out, don’t bring your beliefs into this territorial prison… or else. The question is: or else what? A person could be shot, stabbed, strangled, crucified or burnt at the stake because he sees God differently than someone else, because his skin color isn’t the same, because he doesn’t believe there’s a Kingly being who sits on a majestic throne in manufactured heaven like an animated movie put together by bigots and fools who have divorced themselves from humanity. They can’t see past their own belief system and appreciate what it means to be human.

In Marrakesh many years ago, my policeman neighbor and I sat on the rooftop of my house and smoked a shared kief pipe. The Atlas Mountains rose high above us in the distance. “The great equalizer is death,” he said to me in French. “It shows no discrimination and welcomes everyone into its arms.” From the mouth of a humble Moroccan policeman to the ears of the world, we all have to accept the meaning of equality (egalite). Death finally teaches us this lesson and destiny draws us onto a playing field that is truly democratic. It doesn’t pick and choose. It reaches out to everyone and everything that lives on this planet.