Finding Happiness In A Changed World

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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The past follows us wherever we go. Like a shadow, its substance-less presence haunts us, fills us with guilt, and remains a constant reminder of how many mistakes we’ve made and how difficult it is for us to correct them. We look “through a glass darkly” into a kaleidoscopic mass of particles that are barely recognizable. The good and the bad blend together in a blurred veil of illusion. It’s impossible to return to what has already happened; it’s impossible to recreate the exact circumstances of a time buried in fragile memories. When we try to rekindle the past in our minds, it is seen from a new perspective – a changed person who views images that flit across the brain like montage sequences from a movie filled with special effects; and that person can never quite figure out what happened. They are lost in a labyrinthine world of conflicting images, a world that never reveals the truth.

If the past is dead, the future has yet to be born; and the mind of a human being flits from one to the other – a non-stop indulgence in realities that don’t exist. It rarely, if ever, focuses on the present. We live like “strangers in a strange land,” oblivious that a magical world creates and recreates itself around us every day – a world, filled with beauty and splendor. The chaos of mind, emotion, and sexual energy keep us from living our lives in the moment. Every attempt to focus on the “now” is met with resistance. We are so caught up in turmoil that we think it’s the norm. We never take the time to quiet the inner storm; we never learn to master the mind and use it to create balance and harmony; we never learn that in order to succeed tomorrow, we have to work on ourselves today. If today is full of chaos, unhappiness, violence, boredom and lethargy, tomorrow is not going to be any different.

The question always is: how does one master their inner life?

Meditation is a craft that anyone can learn. It has tools and if we learn to use those tools properly, the mind becomes quiet, the heart open, and we can transform inner chaos into a happy life. What are those tools? It’s simple. Every human being is born with them. We all have minds and we all breathe. If we learn to use our mind and breath to open and develop the chakra system, a direct connection is made with spirit. It takes time to learn this. What we discover on the way is that the only person we’re up against is our self: ego, opinion, self-image, mental and emotional chaos, sexual dysfunction, etc. It takes time to strengthen the chakras and build an inner life that’s strong enough to open the heart, to keep the mind quiet, to learn compassion and kindness, to transform chaos and confusion into love, and fulfill our humanity.