Finding Happiness In A Changed World

Wide-eyed Wonder

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Years of inner work and meditation practice have taught me that I know little or nothing about life. At first this frightened me: after so great an effort to now come up empty. I soon realized the value of knowing nothing: the entire world was at my fingertips. I could embrace life without having to defend my knowledge; I could sit in front of life and allow it to be my teacher; and best of all, I no longer had to weigh my own importance when I interacted with other people. What a relief! It became fun to be wrong. I stopped being afraid to let life teach me what to do. Without a position to defend, wisdom and knowledge were kind to me. Both of them could be internalized, and joy above joys, it was impossible to hold on to them. There was no need to be important, no need to uphold a position or wear costumes to impress other people. The little or nothing I knew about life opened vast horizons. It was like a river that flowed non-stop through the human heart, like a sound that’s always there, but somehow never present. The “me” I once knew had disappeared, and what remained…I don’t know. But, it’s fun to see life create and recreate itself every day.