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Thousands of Masks

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God hides behind thousands of masks. He’s a master quick-change artist, an androgynous magician, prankster, vaudeville performer, wise man, rich man beggar and fool. He never fits any singular profile. Like the wind, He changes directions, and His legerdemain bewilders the most intelligent of mortals.

We can’t look for Him. We have to feel Him in our hearts; we have to become one with His being, evolve and grow, and develop heightened awareness. If we rekindle childlike innocence and joy in our hearts, the spectacle of God will manifest around us. If not, we bumble along in life’s underbrush. We’re led to believe that darkness is light, and light, a strange and forbidden foray into the unknown; and we never accept the earth as a truly special place…

Excerpt from A Lotus Flower in Muddy Waters by Stuart Perrin. To order a copy, go to this page.