Finding Happiness In A Changed World

Nothing is Permanent

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There’s much talk about racial, religious, economic, and political freedoms, but real freedom is the ability to free our self from the internal chaos and dysfunction that plagues every human being.  It requires mastery over mind and breath, the ability to use those tools to develop balance and harmony, an open heart, and a quiet mind.  We need to unclog systems that have been ravaged by years of neglect and tension, by an insane belief that money, relationships, power, social situations, and other external objects we covet and accumulate will one day make us happy.  No one ever learns that it’s all an illusion.  At best it is life teaching us that nothing is permanent, nothing can insulate us from the fragile nature of karma – the fear that no matter how much we have, one day it will all be gone.

The real battle is an internal one that most people never fight.  They substitute pills, booze, drugs, money and power for mastery of self; they think the next great score will provide happiness.  Rarely, if ever, do they free themselves from the one person who keeps them from having a spiritual life; that person who wallows in emotional and mental dysfunction, depression, and assorted physical ailments, and thinks the next item they buy will make it all go away.  We are the problem, but we are also the solution to the problem.  If we accept this and learn to develop a strong chakra system and keep our hearts open, the mind and emotions will become quiet, and inner chaos and dysfunction will begin to disappear.