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Nine Months to Have a Baby and One Second to Die

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When a student of my guru asked him how long it takes to have a spiritual life and why there are so many obstacles on the road, Rudi smiled, and said: “It takes nine months to have a baby and one second to die.”  If you pick an apple or a cherry before it ripens, the fruit will be sour.  We also have to ripen.  Impatience keeps us from ever ripening.  We are always at odds with ourselves and find many reasons to stop our spiritual journey.
When something positive happens in my life, it’s always followed by something negative and the reverse is also true.  I’ve discovered that whether my experience is positive or negative, of necessity, I have to transform both of them into a spiritual awakening that allows me to live with deep quiet and inner peace.  True nobility of soul is learning how to clean up our messes with an open heart…