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If Your Heart is Open, It’s Impossible To Be Lonely…

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The spiritual practice that I learned from my teacher is often called meditation. A better word for it is “inner work.” It’s a process that goes much deeper than meditation and requires mastery of mind and breath in order to open the chakra system. Relaxation and meditation are just means of preparing one’s self for deep “inner work.” Meditators are told to listen to their breathing, to focus on the third eye or the heart center, or to just sit and relax. But none of these methods take us deep within ourselves. Momentary fixes aren’t strong enough to heal wounds lodged in one’s psyche. They space practitioners out for short periods of time, and do little or nothing to get them permanently centered. “Inner work” teaches one to use the tools we are born with: our minds and our breath; it also teaches us to internalize will and use it to open the foundation of our being. Over time, one masters the one thing we are born here to master: ourselves. Chaos and confusion are transformed into balance and harmony.

Most people thrive on tension until it either exhausts or kills them. It’s rare to find a human being who can take negativity and turn it into a force that gives life – a person who’s not afraid to love or be loved, who believes in their heart of hearts that they are worthy of a wonderful life, a person who can let the wind caress them or the smell of a flower, or a tree or the rain. Whether you are alone or with a loved one, or with a crowd of five hundred people, if your heart is open, it’s impossible to be lonely. Life becomes your friend instead of an enemy.

Whether we call it “meditation” or “inner work” doesn’t matter, as long as the technique we use frees us from self-imposed chaos and delusion, and helps us develop our humanity…