Finding Happiness In A Changed World

The One True Temple is Life Itself

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With all the ashrams, temples, churches and houses of worship that dot the globe, we forget that the one true temple is life itself – a non-stop manifestation of spiritual energy that creates an environment in which human beings can learn whatever they have to learn to develop strong inner lives.  The altars in this temple remain a mystery until we discover that they exist inside each and every one of us: seven basic chakras that link a person to universal consciousness; until we also discover that mind and breath are tools that can be used to transform tension into a positive force.

No two people can follow the same path to enlightenment, even if they practice the same meditation, believe in the same religion, go to the same church or temple, or follow a spiritual leader like a fish in a school that moves through life’s ocean.  The wonderful thing about people is that they’re all unique.  Religious dogma, rules and regulations, strict and insular paths to God, deaden that uniqueness and turn people into caricatures instead of wholesome and creative human beings.  The first thing a spiritual life does is rid us of religious dogma.  We discover that there’s no one path, one way, one true teaching that we all have to listen to.  There’s life’s magnificence and splendor; and there’s the human heart.  When it’s full of love, wisdom rules our thoughts and dreams and compassion touches other people…