Finding Happiness In A Changed World

Meditation is not a spiritual life

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We all have hearts, we all need love, and we all have varying degrees of ambition and try to reach goals that are supposed to make us happy. We were sweet and lovable infants at birth, but that taste of paradise was somehow lost along the way. There is no immediate answer to this quandary. We just have to open our hearts and keep them open, and slowly, but surely learn to transform our tensions into life-giving energies.

When our consciousness evolves and enters a place where every act, every emotion, every thought, every moment of every day is a form of meditation, when we finally recognize that all we have is the moment which contains the past, present, and future, until all of this is clear, we are like children in bumper cars at a carnival trying to push our way through life’s traffic without ever having taken the time to learn to drive the vehicle.  Meditation is not a spiritual life.  It is simply a craft we learn that helps us to move consciously through life’s circus.

There’s a voice inside each and every one of us that speaks the truth. That voice is connected to spirit and it teaches us to recognize the difference between illusion and reality. It’s the voice of wisdom that’s subdued by deafening noise in the human mind. It is waiting patiently for us to listen and learn and live more conscious lives. Once we learn to listen, wisdom transforms itself into compassion and unconditional love, and gives us the strength to embrace life’s diverse manifestations…