Finding Happiness In A Changed World

An Ocean in a Teacup

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No matter how vast and exceptional an I. Q. one has, the mind can never wrap itself around what’s infinite in the universe.  It’s like putting an ocean in a teacup.  Philosophers and theologians have tried for millenniums to make sense of it all.  They’ve explored the furthest realms of consciousness and uncovered secrets hidden therein.  It’s an exciting, but futile attempt to make sense of a logic that transcends human comprehension. Most seekers will discover that intellectual exploration doesn’t lead to spiritual enlightenment.  If they’re consumed by book knowledge, their inner path leads to the mind, and the mind’s non-stop chitchat creates conflict and tension.  It keeps people from being happy. Their knowledge rarely, if ever becomes living experience.

If they continue on the spiritual path, they’ll discover that happiness opens the door to spiritual enlightenment.  So does love, kindness, and compassion. A happy person doesn’t transform the world into his or her own image.  A happy person lets the world be.  He or she respects every path, be it religious, atheistic, agnostic, social, or a path that is no-path; and they’ve attained the highest level of what it means to be human.  They have learned what we come to the earth to learn: to transform suffering into joy, and to allow wisdom and compassion to be the guiding principles of life.