The first touches of spring…warmer weather…rain instead of snow…the feeling that life is getting ready to explode all round me.  Nature is the best reminder that everything moves in cycles.  There is no rebirth without death; there is no spring without winter; and when that burst of colorful joy covers vast stretches of ground, one can almost hear flowers sing and the forests awaken with a sigh – the voice is pure, unfiltered, a manifestation of winter letting go and making room for spring.

I also have to let go.  If I don’t, my heart will remain barren and nothing new or resourceful will come my way.  The old will get older and stale, and it will transform each day into dull experience and used up thoughts – interactions with people that are like phantoms from some dream that twists the present out of shape.

It’s impossible to love what was.  Fond memories grow dim in the light of a new day.  Even the people we do love find themselves living in the glow of new experience.  Can we recognize them?  Yes, if we accept the fact that they change as well.  They are not the friends and relations we knew yesterday.  They offer us something new, something vital, a whole new way of looking at ourselves.  But, we have to let them do it; we have to let them explore new realms of their own creativity.

What was no longer is, and if we continue to reach into the past, we will always come up empty.  We forget that the people we love are alive and well in our hearts.  It doesn’t matter if they died forty years ago.  If we want to visit with them, we just have to open our hearts and they will greet us.  It’s like winter turning to spring, like the marriage of life and death, like intertwining serpents that allow wisdom and compassion to find a home on earth.  Without embracing the new, both in ourselves, and the people we love, the heart of man will always remain closed…