It’s a quiet day, a snowy day, and white on white surrounds my house, and reminds me that there’s just as much to discover in solitude as in the noise of city living.  Every person I love lives in my heart; and then there are those who I haven’t had the pleasure to meet as yet, and those who have given me trouble in my life; and in the deep solitude of a snowy day, they all find a place in my heart’s chambers. I am grateful for what old friends have taught me about myself; I am grateful for what new friends will teach me about myself; I am grateful that day links to day and I can learn each day how to grow closer to my own spiritual enlightenment.

The winter is an amazing time for all of us to learn that cycles of death and rebirth are essential for inner growth.  If we just take a moment and allow nature to teach us that life evolves and grows because of change.  The snow will melt and more snow will come; and in the dead of winter, the earth has time to rest and prepare itself for the coming of spring.  Solitude will give way to the cries of birds and the roar of cars and trucks; and every sound and movement on earth, every human being, animal and insect will teach us to open to the miracle of life.  If we listen to cycles of change, if we allow these cycles to open our hearts, we can embrace the world and discover that there is no separation between oneself and all of creation.