I was with my spiritual teacher Rudi the moment he left the world.  When the plane hit the mountain, I could feel his soul force enter me.  It is perhaps the reason I’m alive today.  Every time I look into the mirror, I see a living miracle, and it’s impossible for me to forget that there are deeper, more poignant reasons to live than sitting fearfully in front of life’s door and never finding the courage to enter.  I discovered that one’s spiritual teacher lives eternally in the heart — a place where light and love guides one through the day, a place every human being strives to enter, a place where life and death merge and there’s only light, love and the deepest level of happiness.

People cling to the familiar no matter how painful it is, because, at least they know what they have.  This staid and conservative clutching eventually stymies creative growth and forces them to swim in stagnant water.  To embrace the unknown, one has to embrace life, one has to fill himself (herself) with joy and love and and not be afraid to be happy; and, finally, to accept a simple reality: the moment is all we have, and once we learn to live in the “now”, the past, present and future dissolve into one.  We become God’s child.  We’ve transformed life and death into spirit and realize that one cannot exist without the other.  The only separation is created in our own minds.  There’s a door that most people refuse to enter because once they step through its portal into an unknown world full of creativity — fear dissolves, and human beings can embrace all of life’s possibilities.