Stuart Perrin, an American spiritual master of Kundalini Yoga as taught to him by Swami Rudrananada, has been quietly teaching small groups of students around the world for 45+ years. Stuart has a meditation center in upstate New York where he offers classes and lectures, and has 2-day meditation intensives around the country throughout the year.

New York City Meditation Classes

Manhattan meditation classes will be held in Oct. 2018
Stuart will be teaching at The Leo House, 332 West 23rd Street at 7:30 pm
on the following dates: 10/18, 10/23, 10/25, 10/30

What’s New:

Stuart’s newest book Light In Jerusalem: A Memoir now available.

Stuart Perrin is now available for interviews on radio, TV, and podcasts… READ MORE>>
Video: What’s Important Today
Dr. Don queries Stuart about the election. WATCH >>

Eugene Intensive
Next Intensive
Eugene, OR
Upcoming: Pacific Grove, CA