The insights of this book will guide the reader past confusion of conflicting thoughts and dreamlike images he or she thinks are real, into a reality devoid of illusion, a reality that cuts through a painful and dense fog blinding people to their true selves. The question will be asked: Who Am I? And the answer will surprise the reader. It will show a multifaceted person capable of transforming suffering into joy and happiness. It will allow the reader to move on and to find happiness no matter how much the world has changed. It will help the lotus flower to emerge from muddy waters.

What it means to be human—
What it takes to be happy

Moving On is a book of street-smart, yet soul-wise aphorisms for those of us seeking peace in the center of an ever-changing world. Author Stuart Perrin assures us that peace and happiness both lie at the heart of even our craziest days, and that each of us can achieve clarity just when we need it most.

There are countless events that occur in our everyday lives that make the world seem “changed”. Separation, divorce, job loss, illness, the death of a loved one— all of these are personal situations in which we all need a little perspective and wisdom in order to move on. The perfect gift to for anyone dealing with difficult life circumstances, Moving On offers thoughts both for staying “in the now” and grabbing oportunirties that lie hidden in front of you.

An excerpt:

We refuse to live in the moment.
but drift with mind and emotion
from the past to the future,
unaware of a simple reality:
This moment contains what is, was, and will be.
If we continue to drift unconsciously
from moment to moment,
life’s splendor slips right past us.


There are thousands of spiritual books out there (some, like this one, actually great), but Moving On is actually useful and street-smart. The book is filled with hundreds of zen-like aphorisms that beckon you to savor the deeper meaning in the few chosen words. But unlike a zen koan which is couched in mystery, Mr. Perrin speaks plainly, sending zingers straight to the heart. Example: “Love is the very source of creation and we, fools that we are, cut ourselves off from creation and wander about the Earth looking everywhere for answers that are in the center of our hearts.” Put that in your pipe and smoke it… —Robert Sink, filmmaker & producer, The Rudi Movie